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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Head-Bangin' Good Time

With the roar of a Ford engine, a spray of gravel, and an ear-splitting Rebel Yell,  I finally started my vacation today.

And not one damned minute too soon.

The stress and strain of the last few months has been all that I can stand.

I guess that everybody handles it differently.

Primarily, I am a head-banger.

The first time, I was stuck in traffic at my son's school with a headache.    Oldest was long gone to his class, but I was stuck in the drop-off line, and nobody would let me pull my car out.    I mean, c'mon, a little consideration here??   I sat there for an eternity, while a hundred other mothers were dropping off their kids.    I would think I had a chance to pull out, and here would come another car.     Or a bus.    Or kids.

Aggravated and in pain, I began to bang my head on the PADDED steering wheel.    No, it didn't help the headache any, but it was better than throwing myself under a school bus.    THAT was my second choice.  
It looked like the only way I was getting out was by ambulance.

I heard a horn blowing behind me.   What kind of sadistic ass was blowing that infernal horn, with me in pain and now totally infuriated?

When I turned around I saw a city cop car, Police Chief AND Mayor in the front seat.     They were frantically motioning for me to go on.    Expressions of shock and bewilderment on their faces.

Yes, I have used it to get sympathy from other drivers, and it works about 90% of the time.    If they think you are stone-cold crazy they will motion for you to go ahead.     Sometimes they do it out of pity, or they feel like doing it themselves.

My father has tried it, but says it doesn't work for him too often.

The second time, it got me booted out of the Elk's Lodge Bingo Night.    The Elk's didn't do it---my mother did.    I was one little number away from a win......and didn't.    Some lady hollered "BINGO!" and I started banging my head on the table.  

Quietly, softly.  

I wasn't TOO obvious with it, but it was too much for Momma.    She had overlooked the tee-shirt with The Grim Reaper on it that I had picked out to wear.    Maybe not a good choice in a room full of senior citizens, come to think about it...............  

But she  couldn't get past me banging my head on the table in front of her friends.    I understand that.   My children embarrass me, too.    Just for fun.

The third time, I had my arms full of grocery bags and my purse, fumbling with my keys trying to unlock my
front door.    I dropped 'em.    They fell thru the crack between the porch and the trailer into the dirt underneath the porch.     I just sighed, and started rocking back and forth on my heels, lightly banging my head on the door.    A trailer door isn't made out of sturdy materials, so no real damage was done to my noggin.    Of course, it was during that time of day when every one of my neighbors was coming home, so several of them no doubt saw this.

You know, not a single neighbor has come by to borrow  so much as a cup of sugar..........

I am not the only one who does it, either.  

 One of my daughters had a teacher who borrowed her Stress Kit.    It's just a piece of paper with a circle on
it, and inside the circle are the words Bang Head Here.    He made a copy and taped it to his filing cabinet that sat by his desk.
    One day shortly after he hung it up, my daughter had to go back to his class for something, and there he was:  sitting in his chair, quietly banging his head on the circle taped to the filing cabinet.    She let him have his moment.

Before you start thinking I am The Queen of The Bangers, let me tell ya:

I have been de-throned!!

Yesterday, our friend Willie saw a car accident, and stopped to render assistance.    A man driving a PT Cruiser had smacked into a utility pole, and half of the pole had broken off.    The man came running to Willie, and all the poor thing could do was bang the hood of Willie's truck with his fists.    Willie figured this was beyond his abilities, and didn't want his hood pounded, so he left the scene.
 A few minutes later, one of my co-workers drove by.   The front of the Cruiser was still wrapped around the bottom half of the pole.    The other half of the pole is on the ground.  

An officer is directing traffic.    Officers are studying the scene, writing notes, and, no doubt, tickets.

There, huddled on the sidewalk, is the driver.    

On his knees, banging his head on the concrete.

I hereby abdicate the throne, and place my crown on his head.

It was all dented and scuffed up anyway.


  1. I've thought about banging my head now and again since I hear it feels so good when you stop.

    My Vacation begins on June 26. First one in 12 years, I think I need it. I'm going to enjoy myself doing nothing except read books and vegging out.

  2. Sherry, I never bang it hard enough to do real damage. I KNOW I don't have the brain cells to spare!
    If you haven't had a vacation in 12 years, you probably do need one! I'll handle the mail for Bosslady, but it doesn't take any time. The rest of the time, I'll be doing some much-needed work around here and floating in the pool. With an adult beverage, most likely.

  3. Slick:

    I prefer to bang my head into a pillow. :^)

  4. Very gracious of you to pass on the crown to the others more talented.

  5. Whit, I have been so tired lately that if my head comes into contact with a pillow for ANY reason, it's lights out for me.

  6. Yes, Skinny, it takes a certain graciousness to admit when you have been surpassed. Do I get a crown for that??

  7. sometimes it feels good to pass on that crown don't it? like your butt flapping in the

  8. My butt flappin' in the breeze is just one more grudge against Mother Nature, Bella! He took head-bangin' to a whole 'nother level! He can have the crown, and the title of "Crazy Bitch" that goes with it!

  9. Love this post! I bang my head against the wall quite often.( I figure my head is the hardest part of me.) But you graciously abdicated to a clearly superior banger.

  10. Absolutely, Bupu2! Anyone who can continue with this kind of display in front of Law Enforcement and half of this community at one of the busiest intersections in town has my admiration! He's a True Master, and should be recognized as such!

  11. Oh, and Bupu 2: I am so glad you came by, and please come again!