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Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Just Onions.........

I thought T-Bird had snapped a cog when he decided a few years ago to start gardening.     He had grown his
own tomatoes because he couldn't find any in the stores that he really liked, and the boy did good.

I raised an eyebrow, however, at the suggestion four years ago that we "grow our own" EVERYTHING.   But I try to be a supportive wife, and only roll my eyes when his back is turned.

It was hard to imagine my scotch-drinkin', guitar-playin', bar fightin', party-til-you-puke biker bad-boy plowing The Good Earth for Sustenance.  

He borrowed a tiller from his cousin, and I kissed the backyard good-bye.

Now, we grow some of everything.

Cousin Dave has a garden too.   We planted onions at the same time that Dave did.    My husband will tell
you that I am inept at planting onions and he's right.    He has a one-handed technique that involves three
simple motions.     I cannot master it.

He tended his onions with tender loving care and was so proud when they started growing.    We thought we would get a fairly good crop.    

Cuz e-mailed us pics of his onion crop, and THAT started it all.   You could hear the swearing from blocks away.

Very impressive crop of onions.     Especially if you compared them to ours.    Ours looked good, but not
THAT good.

It turned into a pissin' contest between cousins.  

They work at the same plant together, and each brought a sample of their onions to compare when they got
close to being ready for harvest.

They "whipped 'em out" at work, apparently.    Competitive much??

Later that afternoon T-Bird came bursting through the back door:

"His tops may be prettier and longer,  BUT MY BULBS ARE BIGGER!!!!"

Ya know......I just had to let that one go.........

Where in the world do you get Onion Enhancers?  

If  your tops droop, will Viagra help?  

Bulbs do not make the man.    Nor do the tops.    It's not the size of the onions that matters, but how you cook with 'em.

We need to stop Produce Envy in our lifetime.  


  1. Slick:

    Tell him to add a little Miracle Grow the next time. :^)

  2. Whit: For some reason he detests Miracle Grow. He uses some other sort of fertilizer. We actually had a great crop of good-sized onions, and they are very good. I am the Sweet Onion Hook-up here in The Hood!

  3. Well, everybody's got to have a hobby, I guess. Somehow my mind just doesn't wrap around grown men fighting over whose onion bulbs are bigger. Then again, maybe it figures. LOL

  4. It was mostly good-natured, Sherry! This is T-Bird's favorite cousin and they are very, very close. It could always be worse; I've heard of men comparing other things for bragging rights. No idea why................. When I consider some of his old "hobbies", this ain't half bad!

  5. Produce Envy is indeed a terrible disease.
    Loved this post.

  6. Glad you enjoyed it Skinny! He actually "cruised" another man's garden the other day to see how his stuff is coming along!

    I hope you feel better today!

  7. Hey, Good stuff. good to follow yu

  8. It was good to find you here, Ron!

  9. produce envy...too funny! yes, its not about how beautiful the onions but taste is everything in how ya cook 'em up!

  10. I guess the man with the biggest bulbs wins, Bella!

  11. Slick,
    Every year we get a bumper crop of wild onions. Unfortunately, since we don't plant 'em and they interfere with what we do, Mrs. O wants 'em gone. And those suckers go deep! I believe the last one I pulled had a Peruvian hanging off the bulb end.

    By the way, you'll notice I can post comments again.

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